Entry #1

Upcoming News

2010-05-27 21:53:19 by ThaKidd

Uhhhh....where do I start? Jeez! OK...

New Beats...Lounge Hop, No Boca De Mi Sol...a few others not spoiling suprises
Check out my other stuff, too...I don't mind taking criticism. Just fire away...without expletives

I Love You: Shy2Authentik feat. Me
The Joy Of...:Me (prod. by FreddyFinger)

I'm down with collabs...I never say no but I'll be more inclined to say yes if you got a little sample, haha
Dead serious, though. Just Ask...I don't bite (especially over the Internet)

Other Projects:
No Percussion

Both A Capella, so be on the lookout for them

Uhhh..that's it for now...everybody stay up, and keep doing what y'all doing


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