Long Time No See...

2012-01-16 23:43:35 by ThaKidd

Well it's been a solid half year since I been on this and I thought I was gonna leave for good. That sucks because I just started building some clout on Newgrounds. You know one thing lead to another and Hey! I'm back, which is all that counts right?

So let's get down to business, s'il nous plait?

Well, forget the past projects because they got scrapped by BULLSHIT PEOPLE that I shall not name.
It's cool because I'm just making stuff as I go along, so the stuff below is included but not limited to the music I post here.

Anyways, Newgrounds has a stupid 2-uploads-a-day rule (ily2 NG) so the only songs I have actually dropped so far are
"I Got Dat Swag" and "Dreams Come Tru"
What's coming is (in Alphabetical order):

A Little Bit Of...(Swag)
Ahmad's Legacy
Elegance and Emotion
EZ, Tay
I Love The Nighttime
Keep On
Like A Child
Me, My Thoughts and Us
One For Dilla
Scratch and Go
Something Sweet
Something Sweet (Arpeggz Remix)
The Colours
The Love Movement

As always, I'm down for collabs, so hmu/PM me or something!!


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