2013 Update!

2012-12-18 21:07:19 by ThaKidd

I just want my break to come.
I'm really worn out from this term paper I'm writing.
I have no outline whatsoever.
It's due tomorrow.

But that's not why I'm here.
I took a break to tell you:
Be on the lookout!

Purple Elephants!
featuring collabs with the likes of AfroJonez, GMinor, Anjovi and a few more...

An LP with DanMyMan

A narrative album with AfroJonez
Concept: A Tale of Two Princes

I'm officially a busy man.

PS. I made a bandcamp. I'm excited. There's nothing on it...


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2012-12-18 21:17:05

nice poem


2013-01-16 13:41:17

where can i get some of ur old lp's, ep's, mixtapes, or albums?


2013-01-16 13:45:52

btw im a rapper from springfield that goes by the name of spring413ldboyive only been rappin for about a year and im bouta be 15 in a couple of months check out my stuff on youtube im using a couple of ur beats very soon that i got off of newgrounds

my youtube

https://www.youtube.com/user/maxero1114?featur e=mhee

and i got a mixtape out my first

http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/spring413ldboy-pla y-mixtape.70337.html

and i look forward to using ur beats because their preety chill but u can always go hard on em if you want to so keep up the good work